500 Foody Things!!!

This February we are aiming to collect 500 foody things to donate to Canterbury Food Bank

500 for february.jpg

In order to collect enough variety of goods, and in an attempt to get everything CFB needs for their parcels, we’ve given each day of the week a theme…

  • Macaroni Monday (think all things pasta and rice)
  • Tin Food Tuesday (tuna, tomatoes, vegetables, beans, soup and such like)
  • Wash Up Wednesday (cleaning products and washing powder and toiletries)
  • Thirsty Thursday (no alcohol allowed, just drinks like tea, coffee and fruit squash)
  • Baby Food Friday (speaks for itself, but you could always throw some nappies and wipes in there too!)
  • Sweet Things Saturday (rice pudding, biscuits and custard)
  • Sweetcorn Sunday (for everyones favourite tinned veg)

But don’t feel you have to stick to our plan, any donations are welcome at any time.

You can either give your donations to the Kent roller girl of your choice, or get in touch with us on any of our social media platforms and we’ll arrange a rendezvous.

CFB has specific things that they are in desperate need of for their clients, so please have a look at the list below before parting with your hard earn cash. And please ensure any donations have at least 3 months left on their best before date.

And remember they don’t take any fresh foods, razors or alcohol.

Shopping list

Breakfast Cereal
Sugar (500g)
Whole Milk (Long Life)
Spaghetti (Tinned)
Ham (Tinned)
Corned Beef (Tinned)
Sweetcorn/Carrots/Peas (Tinned)
Tuna / Fish (Tinned)
Fruit (Tinned)

Sponge Pudding (Tinned)
Custard (Tinned or Carton)
Tea Bags / Coffee (small jar)
Fruit Juice (Long life)
Soup (Tinned)
Dried Rice (500g)
Dried Pasta (500g)
Pasta Sauce

Baked Beans (Tinned)
Rice Pudding (Tinned)
Tomatoes (Tinned)
Disposable nappies/wipes
Baby food
Cat/Dog Food
Gents toiletries
Washing powder




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