KRG Profile: Hellen Degenerate #2

Story behind the name & number: The name came from a friend of mine who used to skate with the team. It’s a play on my name and the oh so awesome Ellen DeGeneres, and add to that the fact we are both gay, it was sort of perfect! After that it kind of stuck, to the point that I changed my old name [Ed: Hellen’s previous skate name was Hell O’Mighty] to this because I liked it so much. The number 2 is my lucky number so was a no brainer.

Jammer or Blocker: I’m most happy blocking but I can jam too. I want to work hard at being a double threat.

Favourite derby move: Probably backwards blocking and shoulder checks. It is mega satisfying getting the other player off track and recycling them all the way back! As for jamming; bean dip all the way!!

Derby role model: Mayjour Collision (KRG) – a skater who is the reason I got into the sport and someone who I look up to so much. I hope I am half the player she is, as she is an awesome double threat. I love her footwork so much that when I was learning (and even now) I practiced my ass off until I was happy on my toe stops and edges! Also, at training, she always gives 110%!

Why roller derby: I only had to try it once and then the more simple question was why do anything else?

How did you get involved with KRG: The skater I mentioned earlier, Mayjour Collision, was trying to get her cousin to go and she made me go with her so she wasn’t alone. She ended up not going again, but I never looked back!

What goes through your mind before a game: “Ohhhh crap” and then all of the excitement!

Your favourite derby moment so far: Too many to name, but coming 3rd in our tier at champs last year is pretty high up there.

Your favourite WFTDA team to watch: I think Victorian Roller Derby League (Melbourne, Australia).

And finally, what’s your day job: Warehouse Assistant in a pet food shop. I like it, it means I lift 20kg most of the day, so I don’t need a gym membership!

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