Last Sunday saw us welcome some fresh meat to KRG central in Herne Bay, at our last open day of the year.

Open Days are our way of giving folks a chance to come along to our venue, meet the team, have a go at some basic skate skills and get an introduction to the game of roller derby by watching our main league scrimmage. Oh, and there’s cake too. Lots of cake.

Thanks to everyone that came along on the day, we all really enjoyed it and it was great to meet you all. It’s always so impressive seeing new skaters throw themselves in to the action, some without any previous experience on 8 wheels! And for anyone that missed out on this one, we’ll be holding another open day at the end of January 2017; keep the look out for details on our Facebook page!


Thanks to Michael East for coming along to take some snaps of the action on the day – check out his page for lots of awesome derby pics 🙂




Name: Demi Lition

Number:  84

Story behind the name & number: Demi Lition was stolen from a guy in a band who used Demmelition. 84 is the year when all the best people were born!

Jammer or Blocker?: Blocker mostly, but jammer if everyone else has died

Favourite derby move: Lateral sweeps are my favourite thing ever!

Derby role model: Too many to even begin to list! Anyone who’s pushing themselves to become the best they can be at this crazy sport!

Why roller derby?: It is wrong to say that I like to hit people?!

How did you get involved with KRG?: I started it! There were no teams in Kent and I didn’t want to have to drive to Leeds to train anymore!

What goes through your mind before a game?: “I can do this” – On repeat…..

Your favourite derby moment so far?: KRG’s win in our first ever open bout. It was the first time I realised that maybe we knew what we were doing!

Your favourite WFTDA team to watch?: Rose City – they’re an incredible force to be reckoned with!

What’s your day job?: Currently university admin staff

What do you like to do off the track?: My off track time usually involves Crossfit, gigs or rum!

How has roller derby impacted your life?: I honestly don’t know what I must have done with all the extra time I had before roller derby! I’ve learned to love sport again and made a tonne of incredible friends all over the country. I’m so grateful to roller derby for that.