Name: Demi Lition

Number:  84

Story behind the name & number: Demi Lition was stolen from a guy in a band who used Demmelition. 84 is the year when all the best people were born!

Jammer or Blocker?: Blocker mostly, but jammer if everyone else has died

Favourite derby move: Lateral sweeps are my favourite thing ever!

Derby role model: Too many to even begin to list! Anyone who’s pushing themselves to become the best they can be at this crazy sport!

Why roller derby?: It is wrong to say that I like to hit people?!

How did you get involved with KRG?: I started it! There were no teams in Kent and I didn’t want to have to drive to Leeds to train anymore!

What goes through your mind before a game?: “I can do this” – On repeat…..

Your favourite derby moment so far?: KRG’s win in our first ever open bout. It was the first time I realised that maybe we knew what we were doing!

Your favourite WFTDA team to watch?: Rose City – they’re an incredible force to be reckoned with!

What’s your day job?: Currently university admin staff

What do you like to do off the track?: My off track time usually involves Crossfit, gigs or rum!

How has roller derby impacted your life?: I honestly don’t know what I must have done with all the extra time I had before roller derby! I’ve learned to love sport again and made a tonne of incredible friends all over the country. I’m so grateful to roller derby for that.



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