KRG Profile – Art Attack #489

Name: Art Attack

Number: 489

Story behind the name & number:  When I was much, much smaller my nickname with my family was Art Attack Alyx because I was always making / painting /drawing something! I read an article on using childhood names to help you create a derby name and it stuck!

Jammer or Blocker?: I prefer jamming but blocking is just so. much. fun!

Favourite derby move:  I love, love, love jumping and backwards bracing!

Derby role model: Loren Mutch!

Why roller derby?: Why not? It’s a great way to get fit and meet new people!

How did you get involved with KRG?: A group I am part of came for the open day, I thought I would give it a go and I got hooked.

What goes through your mind before a game?: If I am completely honest It’s usually something along the lines of:
1. “I wonder when I can eat breakfast / lunch / dinner.”
2. “Did I bring enough snacks/ hockey tape? ”
3. “Are these wheels good for this floor? ”
I tend to get nervous about a week before a game so just before a game I’m over it.

Your favourite derby moment so far?:
Playing my first intermediate game only a year after starting to skate and not making a complete mockery of myself!

Your favourite WFTDA team to watch?:
I really love watching Gotham. I love the aggression they bring to the track, I feel like we could all use a little more Gotham within us!

What’s your day job?:
I’m currently managing head chef of a tiny, but perfect eatery on a farm!

What do you like to do off the track?:
Off the derby track I like to artistic skate,  embroider, garden, paint, visit the beach, make jam and chutney, I’m practicing calligraphy at the moment too! ( I promise I’m only 25!)

How has roller derby impacted your life?: roller derby helped me to get fit, make friends in a strange new town (and countrywide!) , taught me about managing myself and is a great outlet for any built up feels!

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