KRG’s Makers and Bakers

At Kent Roller Girls’ last home game, a group of KRG members got together to showcase and sell their crafts and creations. El-Viral is KRG’s head NSO and a member of our recreational league; she explains where the idea came from:

“One thing I’ve always loved about roller derby is how it brings together such a diverse range of people. Everyone starts their derby life as a group of strangers sweating and falling over together in a sports hall and discussing nothing but the hardness of your wheels. However, as you get to know people, you start to learn their likes and dislikes, and their ‘real life’ jobs as well as the different skills they have.”

Creative skaters: El Viral, Frankenmeanie (back right) and Dread Block (in the green kneepads).

“I’ve always been a very creative person, and I love learning about new crafts and letting them inspire my own work, so the idea of a creative collective seemed natural to me. It’s so hard for independent sellers to set up successful businesses and opportunities to sell arts and homemade items are often limited to a listing on Etsy and the occasional craft fair. So why not help each other out?!”

El sells her crocheted creations online and is often found with her knitting needles and crochet hooks at the ready between rec league practice and organising the NSOs for main league scrim. Needless to say the black and gold items are very popular within the league!


“Knot Vegan was created to show that knitwear and cute crochet don’t have to mean animal fibres like wool and alpaca. Handmade in Kent, these gorgeous accessories are 100% animal free and still soft, stylish and luxurious, and suitable for everyone!”

It’s Nim! practicing her skills at rec league.

It’s Nim! is another member of this creative group. When she’s not reffing games or working on her own skills, she likes to spend her time drawing. Although it started as just a hobby, Nim now sells her work online and is currently working on a portfolio of tattoo designs:

“I’ve always doodled and never known what to do with them. I suck at realism and so found my way with “messy art”, I like to throw my colours out there and scribble and see what happens. So, I thought it was about time I went on a little adventure with them and see where that takes me.”


Frankenmeanie is another one of our rec league members, though she just goes by Georgie on her website for The Wildflower Kitchen. She has created her own dairy-free, egg-free baking kit company that has a range of different flavours which can all be created by the addition of a few simple ingredients we all have in the fridge:

“No eggs, no dairy, no subs… if you’re after an easy-to-make, all-natural cake mix without having to work out how to substitute eggs or dairy ingredients, then look no further! The Wildflower Kitchen is home to a delicious range of artisan baking mixes including a 2* Great Taste award winner – lovingly hand packed with organic and all natural ingredients, vegan friendly and easy to bake.”


Jennapocalyse having a go at being a jammer during scrimmage.

Jennapocalypse is a main league skater who is currently on a break due to a knee injury. She’s using this time to work on producing and promoting her own art, as well as using her design skills to create posters and programmes for KRG games. Jenna sells her work online and has had a number of pieces displayed in exhibitions in London and Kent.


“I am a fine artist working primarily with print. The printmaking processes I use often look very traditional, however they frequently combine aspects of other disciplines, such as digital photography, mixed media and textiles. I love experimenting with bold monochrome images, introducing only the smallest areas of colour.”

Dread Block is the final member of this crafty group. She is multitalented when it comes to creating, using a range of materials and technical processes. One thing that clearly connects all of her work is a love of bright colours and bold patterns. Her work is incredibly exciting and eye-catching! Chantel sells her pieces on Etsy: “I make handmade jewellery and crochet items mostly with an Afrocentric influence.”


Whether these women are on track together or discussing knitting patterns, one thing is evident, they’re there to support each other. Just as it’s easier to stop a jammer if you’re in a wall, this group has found it’s so much better to work together to achieve their goals of getting their handcrafted items out to the public.

22788716_10101657717433384_3088671958321301594_n.jpgEl Viral and Frankenmeanie going head to head during training.

You can find all of these makers and bakers at our next home game on Saturday May 26th at The Bay Sports Arena, when Kent Roller Girls will be taking on Portsmouth Roller Wenches. Get your tickets now so you don’t miss out!

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