Kent Roller Girls Dominate Portsmouth Roller Wenches

Kent Roller Girls supporters turned out in force to cheer on the All-Stars and the Kent B team The Knightmares at the Bay Arena in the second home game of the season on Saturday. The A team won with 266 points to Portsmouth Roller Wenches’ 189, defying predictions and causing KRG to leapfrog PRW in the European rankings.

Fielding their power line-ups from the start, Kent looked uncompromising throughout, and after some high-scoring power jams they were comfortably winning at half time, taking 119 points to Portsmouth’s 90. Kent effectively blocked the opposing jammer (point-scorer), holding them back from scoring in a total of 16 jams, in a game of 19 jams. Notable efforts from Demi Lition and Helen Degenerate elicited post-game awards from Portsmouth, in recognition of the Kent’s blockers’ ability to hold the inside and outside line and cover the track.


Kent’s enviable line-up of jammers show-cased a masterclass of footwork, agility and speed and the combination of favourable jammer match-ups and multiple Portsmouth penalties allowed them to dominate.


In the second game of the season for Kent’s B team, Portsmouth put up a great fight but were no match for the solid line-up that included friends of the team, due to injury before the game. Fear Khan and Mortal Kimbat showed their strength as jammers for the Kent side, and we look forward to seeing more of them in future bouts.


The final score for the B team game was 286-163 to Kent’s victorious Knightmares.

Kent Roller Girls will be hosting a free open day on July 8th at their home venue The Bay Sports Arena in Herne Bay. This will be an opportunity to find out more about the league, watch a training game (scrimmage) and even try some basic skills on skates! For more information, visit our Facebook page.


Photography by Dik Ng

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