Open Day Story to Success Story! (Glitch)

Meet Sam, or Glitch to the rest of the team. Oh wait, you already met her almost a year ago, when she was telling us all about her Open Day Story! Glitch had heard about KRG about a month before she managed to find the courage to give it a try. We find that a lot of our newbies are nervous to begin with, like with any new experience, so we try our hardest to make sure it’s a fun and welcoming experience when they turn up to the Open Day.


“I have been with KRG for almost two years now. I joined after attending the Open Day back in October 2016 and finally passed my minimum skills on 27 May 2018 – Woohoo! I am currently on my probation period in main league then I’ll officially graduate into the B team for Kent Roller Girls, known as the Knightmares.

Training to play and compete in this crazy-fabulous sport has been such an amazing journey, and one I will treasure forever. When I look back at the times I almost gave up because I couldn’t get a skill nailed, or felt I would never be good enough, I am so proud that I didn’t let those thoughts win and I have finally made it into main league life!”


Whilst in our Recreational League, Glitch also dedicated a lot of her time to being an NSO (non-skating official), helping officiate bouts and scrimmages. She found it was a great opportunity to learn the rules as well as getting a front row seat to all the derby action!

“I have worked really hard every week in training and I am so thankful to all the KRG coaches and my fellow reccies for their time, encouragement, support and just pure awesomeness that has helped me reach my goal. I know that one day soon I will get to represent my team on track in the famous black and gold. So exciting!”


“Now that I have passed my minimum skills I get to compete in rookie bouts to get game experience and continue my learning and training, as that will never stop just because I’ve now passed the minimum skills. There is still so much to learn, practice and improve. I still have a bad habit of checking out the floor and what my feet are doing. I am trying to break this habit and look up more; as my teammates say when they catch me looking down “the floor is still blue!”

As soon as I passed in May I popped my rookie bout cherry a couple of weeks later playing for Team 90’s in a bout hosted in Cambridge on Sat 9th June. It was the most amazing feeling and I can assure you that all the hard work you put into training is totally worth it. The buzz you get from being out there on track in front of a crowd is so exhilarating!”


“I hope that if you’ve been thinking about giving Roller Derby a try, you go for it like I did. It’s so rewarding to achieve something in sports. This was way out of my comfort zone and I didn’t know anyone when I joined, but look at me now – a skater with a rookie bout ticked off the bucket list and a whole heap of new buddies that I get to hang with twice a week!”


Come and get your skates on at our next Free Open Day or just come along to find out more if you don’t fancy getting physical straight away. We’ll be at The Bay Arena on Sunday 8th July waiting for you to join us and start your epic KRG adventure!

Photos by Benjamin Valsler

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