Open Day Story to Success Story! (Grazed Anatomy)

Before the game on Saturday against Dundee Roller Derby, we decided to catch up with Grazed Anatomy (still one of my all-time favourite derby names!) aka Rachel, before she puts on her gold uniform for the first time to represent Kent. We first me her back in August last year in one of our Open Day Stories and we wanted to see how she’s getting along…

” Update: I made it!! I passed my minimum skills back in November 2017, six months from my first time on skates. Now I get to train with main league twice a week, and learn to be part of a proper derby team! I’m loving getting to put the skills I learned back in Rec league to the test, and developing new ones with my team mates. I love getting to practice drills, and the best part of training is scrimmage on Sunday! ”


” It was weird to begin with, drawing numbers on my arms and getting to play, rather than NSO, but I love the adrenaline rush it gives me. I always come away from training buzzing and with a huge smile on my face! Outside of derby, skating has well and truly taken over my life! I’m still skating outdoors as much as I can, and I’ve just started a new chapter of Chicks in Bowls here in Kent, where some of us are learning to Ramp skate! ”


” Now that I’m in main league, I can’t wait to get to play my first game in Gold for the Knightmares, KRG’s B team. I’ve already played my first rookie game (I was on Team Thor), and I was awarded Most Valuable Player, which was a huge honour! ”


” Now that we’re approaching my first official KRG game, I’m nervous, but excited. We’ve been drilling hard, and I can’t wait to skate out with my team mates and show our opponents what we’re made of! The best part is that I get to play alongside some of my best buddies. We learned to skate together, and I know we’ll have each others’ backs! ”


” I still like coming to help and watch at Rec league sessions, it’s fantastic to see everyone progressing and enjoying the sport as much as I do. I’d like to get in to a bit of coaching too, maybe I’ll get to train the new faces of KRG someday! ”

Tickets are available online (£8) or on the door (£12). Doors open at 12.30. Come and join us at The Bay Sports Arena, Bullockstone Road, Herne Bay, CT6 7NS to see two awesome games and enjoy the atmosphere of our legendary home games!

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