Sponsoring Kent Roller Girls will enable us to push our team further. By becoming a sponsor for KRG you will also be supporting the development of the fastest growing sport in the world. Roller derby is a positive, skater operated sport.

Kent Roller Girls were the first competitive team located in the county of Kent. The team is financed entirely by team members and we rely on donations, sponsorship and subscription to maintain our league.

Our aims

Kent Roller Girls are dedicated to promoting the sport of roller derby throughout the UK. We aim to inspire people of all backgrounds and abilities to be involved in roller derby, whether it’s playing, refereeing, or cheering. We are keen to encourage, teamwork, positivity and success though an amazing sport. We are also dedicated to supporting local charities, and each year we nominate a specific charity to support.

Ways you can support our team

Kent Roller Girls are looking for sponsors to help them in the following areas:

• Printing and merchandise
• Skating gear and sportswear
• Practice venues and game venues
• Travel expenses for international games

You can help us in any of the above. The entitlement runs for a year and sponsorship can be re-negotiated each year. We can offer tailor made sponsorship to suit you and are also open to suggestions on how you might support us and what you would value in return.

i-fxvn3dg-x43706346761078988620.jpgPhoto by Steve James

For more information on Sponsorship please contact us.

Competitive roller derby team based in Kent

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