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KRG take the win over London Rockin Rollers!

On 6th April, at the Bay Arena in Herne Bay, Kent Roller Girls – the county’s only official WFTDA roller derby league – took on the London Rockin Rollers, and the KRG All-Stars proved their credentials as one of the South-East’s highest-ranking derby teams. Remaining undefeated this year, they hosted an exciting showcase of athletic skill and roller-skating prowess which also featured their B-team who continue to prove tough to defeat on track.

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Kent Set to Take on London

Roller Derby is a full contact sport, played on roller skates. Its origin in 1950’s choreographed bouts is a far cry from the sport as it is today, which pits two teams against each other in an athletic, energetic battle of strength and strategy in a spectacle that’s not to be missed. The aim of the game is for the ‘jammer’, wearing a star on their helmet, to gain points by passing the ‘blockers’ on the other team. The job of the blockers? Well, that should be obvious! Want to see it for yourself? You’re in luck!

Kent Roller Girls will be taking on London Rockin’ Rollers in their second home game of the season on Saturday 6th April at the Bay Sports Arena, Herne Bay!

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